Molly Banks

Graphic Design BA (HONS)

Project title: Mad for mythical monsters

Project description:

Greek mythology has always been a fascinating subject to me. There are so many deities, heroes and creatures; all with their own stories. The aim of this project was to create a piece of educational illustration based on Greek mythology for children aged 7-11.

‘Mad for mythical monsters' is an interactive children’s book with the focus on educating young minds about the world of Greek mythological monsters and creatures. Children can learn up to 60% more with interactive learning than they do when just reading. Making the book fun and unique would help keep the child engaged which is why I decided to pursue an interactive style. With every monster in the book there is a page full of facts and stories that depict that creature, along with fun interactions such as pull tabs, velcro hydra heads, a Minotaur maze and shooting arrows.

Link to video of book: