Millie Elsdon-James

Graphic Design BA (HONS)


Acro-Cats is a game I created by combining my love of gaming and cats! I wanted to aim to create something that would be a great piece for my portfolio and show off my illustration skills.

So what is Acro-Cats?

Acro-cats is the purrr-fect combination of balance and fun!
A circus themed board game about stacking cats as high as you can without toppling the tower.

Players must use strategy and quick reflexes to avoid knocking over the feline tower.
Acro-Cats is for two to six players and purrr-fect for families and friends who love cats and competition.

Each player will take a turn in rolling the dice and moving spaces, picking up cards and balancing an Acro-Cat.

The aim of the game is to build the Acro-Cat tower as high as it can go without it toppling over, the player who does topple the tower loses the game which makes all the other players winners!
It takes 5 minuets to learn to have an endless amount of fun.
Built with family in mind, Acro-cats allows players of 3+ to enjoy the fun, this is also a two in one game, If you don't want to play with the dice and board or even the cards then you can simply take the cats and their stage and leave the rest behind.