Max Moore

Fine Art BA (HONS)

Throughout my time as an artist, and especially my time at university. I’ve felt my illustration based work flourish and mature, focusing on making each line I meticulously drag across the page a part of myself, one that’s to be shared with everyone that views my work. As art is an extension of one’s mortality, even if my work goes unnoticed for the rest of eternity, it shall outlive me nonetheless.

My work, whether intentional or not, has been a reflection of my internal workings (or more so, my malfunctions), and has been cast out into the world in an almost cathartic process of me dealing with said issues. However I personally feel these problems have not been dealt with in pure honesty, and I believe that I need to do my due diligence and portray these near-horrific depictions of my struggle with personal self- destruction in my purest art form: visual storytelling.