Dorota Bouali

Fine Art BA (HONS)


Painting has always given me the excitement of creating something new, unplanned, improvised, and instinctual. Whilst working I have lots of doubts, as even if not thinking about an outcome I might still have some expectations, these hopes do not always materialize. I usually need some time to get used to what I make to start again and try to like it or at least accept it as mine.

I work with oil paints on unstretched canvas as that gives me the feeling of informality and freedom while painting. The large scale of this work requires a specific approach, and it feels almost like painting wall surfaces. In contrast to this I switch constantly to small paintings which are individual pieces but still have some similarities and dialogue between them. I like to try different shapes of grounds, but my focus is still on colour, which I use as a language of my artistic expression.

I am a process driven painter interested in the moments of making as much as the outcome, both are equally as important.