Chantelle Giles

Fine Art BA (HONS)

Instagram: @chantelle.arttt

My work has progressed from small drawings to large scale paintings, repeat prints and sculptures to create immersive installations. A sense of calm and focus is what I aim to represent through installations. Over time, my art has evolved in many ways, with pattern being the reoccurring theme. The installations often include large wall-based work, small handmade drawings and floor-based sculpture. There is always a connection between these elements, that is a motif or pattern. I want the audience to feel grounded and calm when viewing my work, I also want them to question whether the work is hand drawn or computer generated and if they possibly notice the imperfections and lack of absolute symmetry within the hand drawn pattern. My starting point is a focused small-scale drawing with attention to detail being the key element. The patterns are, minimalistic, intricate and uniform. As I am working a sense of calming and meditation begins, loosing track of time. Each pattern is different creating depth with bolder and thinner line work to define specific sections within the patten.