Cerys Woodard

Fine Art BA (HONS)

Instagram: @ceryswoodard 

Project title: Vulnerability

Project description: Taking something as uncomfortable as fragility, and forcing it onto people. The taboo subject of vulnerability needed to be tested to cause tribulation. Sharks were fitted here as a metaphor; a metaphor for the ever growing tough exterior that humans give themselves. A mask they wear to hide any form of vulnerability, much like sharks. Sharks are perceived as a dangerous and lethal threat due to their tough exterior, but they truly are fragile creatures. Humans take advantage of their vulnerability, and kill them more than they kill us. I continued this theme throughout my making, taking it into consideration when deciding which materials would be best, and which techniques to use. Cotton wool. Glass. Each of these representing a different element of vulnerability in their own way. Positioning myself in front of my viewers, having my vulnerability on display for everyone to see, truly allowed me to transform into a piece of art in the exhibition. I was no longer a person concealing my deepest and rawest emotions, but a circus animal with nowhere to hide.