Callum Hegg

Graphic Design BA (HONS)


Project title: Hop Heads

Project Description: Hop Heads is a non-alcoholic beer brand that I created with the aim to get more young people involved in social situations without the need for an alcoholic beverage. I designed the labels and characters around a nature theme to represent the natural ingredients that it used in craft beer. Hops may have a strong association with alcoholic beer however, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer have almost ingredients but different methods of brewing. When designing the brand, I wanted the tone of voice and imagery to be more light-hearted and fun as the current market for non-alcoholic beer is very serious and focuses on the health benefits whilst Hop Heads focuses more on not letting social stigmatism affect the amount someone is included in a social situation. As well as creating the labels and making 3D renders of my cans, I also made a prototype website to host the products as e-commerce has become a vital part of the sale of beer for modern microbreweries.

Hop Heads website: