Leah Walsh

Graphic Design BA (HONS)

Project title: The Clover Coffee Company

Project Description: For the final project of my degree, I designed a coffee luxury coffee brand. Within the brief I had the tasks to create a brand identity with functional brand guide, three ranges of packaging for the products and an active social media account to promote the brand. For the branding part of this project, I designed three ranges of coffee packaging for the brand to use. This included six ground coffee bags, six whole bean coffee bags and five flavoured instant coffee boxes containing 12 coffee sachets. Each range has their own colour scheme outside of the set green colour scheme of the brand. This is mainly used for the customers to tell the different varieties of bagged coffee apart, instead of relying on finding one small word on the packer. I also chose to use a scale for each colour range, so the customers can tell the strength of the coffee going by the colour of the packet, instead of just relying on the 'bean scale' on the front of each bag (the darker the colour of the packaging, the stronger the taste).